... also a recreation therapist, Beyoncé fan, book lover, parent, student, INTP, and proud resident of the 'Shwa. She/her. I also make decent pierogi.

Hi, I'm Irmina! I have loved taking photos since before it was possible on a phone.

When I was a kid, my dad developed his own film in my babcia's basement, and my mom always had a way of creating something beautiful out of nearly nothing....so I guess it's in my blood!

I have worked as a Recreation Therapist for nearly 12 years, and I have always practiced what I preach, so to speak. I highly value the role of leisure activity on my physical, social, emotional and mental health, and I always encourage my patients to do the same.

Everything changed in 2017, when I experienced a back injury which challenged my self-concept. I was no longer able to participate in the leisure activities that gave me so much joy, and defined who I was. Focusing on my recovery was difficult (especially because I was in grad school *and* trying not to fail at parenting my 3 amazing kids) and I lost a little bit of myself in the process.

Re-igniting my passion for photography took me out of the deepest of funks, and slowly I came back to being able to return to the things I loved to do. I still have a long way to go but I love sharing this story with my patients, because as we tell them almost every day; rehab is a process, not a place.

Aaand... I guess I Recreation Therapied myself? 😉

Thanks for letting me share, though it's not really my style.

xo IK